All boards produced by MB Skateboards, unless otherwise specified, come with a 60-day manufacturer warranty against structural defects. Legitimate defects are to be determined by the original constructer of the board under a thorough, private inspection. Action for replacement and/or full refund for legitimate defects are at the descretion of the creator of the board(s), Matthew Brown.


Herein, the word “board” refers to any skateboard or longboard product created by Matthew Brown.

Skateboarding/longboarding can be dangerous. Purchase and use these boards at your own risk. The constructor of the board(s), Matthew Brown, will not be held liable in the event of any injuries or death to the rider/purchaser of a board(s) in any circumstance. In the event of defects, the creator (Matthew Brown) will not be held liable for obtained injuries acquired from the use of a defective board(s). This contract is signed by the exchange of money.

For more information, questions, and/or concerns, contact me through the Contact page provided.