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Matt Alden Brown is MB Skateboards.

An Artist in many disciplines, from painting to graphic design, and 3D modeling to custom skateboard building, Matt creates dozens of very high quality skateboards ranging from simple mini cruisers to complicated, robust, and industry competitive downhill boards that are nothing to sneeze at.

These boards are made from high quality materials:

  • 100% Baltic Birch (imported from Russia)
  • Bamboo plywood reinforcement fabrics
  • Fiberglass, Carbon fiber, and Kevlar
  • Full board graphic fabrics
  • Decorative veneers like walnut and hickory
  • Exotic veneers like African Bubinga

Every deck features either a tweakable default graphic or a completely original and unique graphic, all based on exactly what the customer wants.

MB Skateboards fully backs the quality of every board; All boards come with a 60-day warranty against defects. To date, no MB skateboard has broken that wasn’t a prototype or didn’t last at least 6 months of hard riding.

Since each board is made individually by the same person, and not mass produced, more effort and precision goes into every board so you know that your MB skateboard was made with you in mind.