The Dead White Guys board

Here’s a board that had been sitting unfinished on the shelf for quite a while, due to the Winter weather and having some complications with the graphics. I rediscovered this board recently and got around to finishing it.
I’m quite proud of this one, as it is very light, very functional, and very beautiful. This board is for my girlfriend who had discovered longboarding last summer and made it to the point of actually going down a few medium sized hills around. She’s a bookworm and so she requested having J.D. Salinger, Oscar Wilde, and Kurt Vonnegut on the board; that graphic is wood burned and so are the words on top/bottom. She loves the hell out of it.

– BB/B grade Baltic Birch (9 ply/layers)
– Continental Maple wood stain
– Medium flex under 130lbs
– 41″ long x 9″ at widest point
– .5″ concave throughout
– 3/8″ thickness
– Medium grip applied
– Sealed with UV resistant Spar urethane
– Wood burned graphic on top and bottom

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