The Dragon

I hadn’t made a board for hill bombing at the time and decided I would really like to make a solid board meant for speeding down scary hills with ease. My main idea was to create a board with absolutely no flex, expensive laminated fabric, and make a drop-through mount board (the trucks go through the board for maximum stability). I based this board off of a Rayne Hellcat, since the Hellcat they make is supposed to be incredible, and if I did the shape right, it absolutely is. From bombing hills to cruising around town, this is a great multifunctional board, but it screams to go fast. I also hit a speed record for myself of 37.7mph on this board down a hill in Dixon, IL.

Dimensions: 42″ long, 9.5″ wide at widest point, .75″ thick (15 plies)
Construction: Baltic Birch, .5″ deep concave, no camber/rocker, fabric on bottom


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